boulevard of dreams….

boulevard of dreams....

A beautiful lane in my college, that I am going to miss a lot when i leave this place. The way the tall trees entwine and create a shadowy canopy, the way the antique looking lamp-posts drop shadows on the lane at twilight and light up the leaves, the way the leaves rustle when a soft breeze blows are a few of the things that makes this place my favorite spot.

I come here often, when i am upset, in a pensive mood or i just need to get away from the drudgery of everyday life. The twittering birds, the rustling leaves and the peaceful environment calm me down to such an extent, that i forget all my burdens and am lost in the sheer immensity and the enormity of the world that i am living in and all my musings and troubles fade into insignificance.




  1. Same here….. whenever i used to feel low, i used to go on this road sit there for hours at night. In every cloudy weather i used to my classes specially from this particular road. I had so make walks and talk on this road which i will miss.
    And Riddhi, by capturing it perfectly…. U helped me to keep a memory of it with this click. This is amazing…..

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