On finishing my thesis


At last after days of late nights with cups of coffee, groggy early mornings and sultry boggling afternoons, my thesis for my masters degree is finally over!! (phew!). What had started as a real botheration a few days ago now lies as a sheepish delinquent in my folder, C:\Users\RIDDHI\Documents\study stuff\project stuff\presentations\thesis work\thesis_complete_pakkawaala (the address is this long because i have a strange fetish for folders, and folders inside folders).. And if you are thinking about the last part in the address, yes, this is how i have named my final, typed, corrected, formatted and twice checked thesis as! A 61 page long, 10,529 worded menace. 

This is how i am going to remember my final one month in this college. Sitting in front of the laptop from dawn to wee hours in the night in a scramble to finish the report. Writing a full-fledged thesis is NOT easy. With the constant threat of the plagiarism checking software, you are made to draw every diagram using MS word or paint (and drawing a ‘straight’ line is an ABSOLUTE pain in the you-know-where!!) and write every equation using the equation maker (a click is needed for every character!!!!!). And forget the terror of plagiarism, how can one copy at all if most of the pdf files are locked and secured?

The next itch to throw your laptop comes when you have almost finished writing and you have to format the entire thing adding a space here and there and bringing some semblance of order to the chaotic flow of ideas because for every comma or space added u have to subsequently order all the following matter. The part that i hated the most was labeling every diagram and equation number and making the list of figures where you have to painstakingly put the numbering in a straight line (damn frustrating, i tell you!). sometimes the frustration used to get so over the head, that i would stare at the wall doing nothing for a long time. And i don’t even want to mention the number of times i have had to come back from my adviser  almost in tears to redo the things and add his corrections. And the friggin’ conclusion and motivation is always there somewhere at the back of your mind but it never comes to your fingertips when you need to type it down! Hours of thinking and the end result: a meager paragraph with just four lines!

Getting an inspiration to get started on this monumental task requires a lot of mental strength. I kept procrastinating for i don’t know how many frigging days until i one day , realizing i was under a crunch, panicked and promptly started on it. I used to sit with my first page chapter 1, introduction on display and then start web surfing on totally irrelevant topics, chat on Facebook or Skype with friends, the chapter totally forgotten.

Now that it is finished, i can TOTALLY sit back, relax and give pointers to bumbling juniors and brag about how easy and effortless writing a thesis is! But frankly, there really is no need to panic, if you do not procrastinate and start on it early. But isn’t this what we say to ourselves at the beginning of every semester but can never EVER keep up to it?

P.S. if anyone is looking for pointers on how to write a thesis, you are going to be sorely disappointed because this is not a “HOW TO” or a “FOR DUMMIES” tutorial, just a write-up on how I managed mine, though one might use it as a what not to do while writing a thesis.




  1. When did ur guide ask u to make corrections !!!!! or have u generalized the whole thing ???? btw… why being such a nerd Masters student rite at the start of ur blog ???

    • He did ask me to put corrections on my thesis. In fact, more than my guide, you people made me put in extra stuff. And dear Nehal, I AM a nerdy masters student!

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