Travel chick AHOY!

Travel Chick
‘Coz THIS chick loves to explore!

I love to travel. ALOT. I dream to see the world. There is nothing that I would love more than hopping onto a cab, train, airplane, ship or even a bullock-cart and go anywhere the road takes me and do so without a single care in the world. Sometimes I wish I had a huge pair of wings, like the ones the anime people had (my sister used to watch them and I used to chide her but secretly wished for the wings anyways), stretch them and soar out anywhere into the world. Am very fond of fantasy literature, as you can see! πŸ™‚

There are so many things that hold me back like the roots of an old, gnarled tree, that latches on firmly and doesn’t let go, and it seeps in so deep, insidiously, that before you realize, you are completely shackled. The first thing that comes to my mind is money. I don’t have much of it or any of it for that matter :(. I have to start earning first, make my own way and when I do start working, the work is going to keep me too busy and exhausted to think of anything else. Like most of the people, I will keep putting it off again and again and then one fine day I am going to wake up and forget that I had even dreamt of going around the world. I shudder to think of that time, and pray to God that I never have to see that fateful day! Then the questions that people ask are so irritating. A lone girl on her own? Don’t your folks say anything? Are you married? angry frowns and looks everywhere. “It is India, my dear, you cannot do anything about it!”, the views of an old lady who wanted to know why I was travelling alone and wasn’t married yet. I wish I could SCREAM! And you simply cannot travel on your own, especially when you are new to a place, there are thieves and swindlers at every corner who try to scam you out of your money, and if you are alone, its their field day! If you don’t want such crooks to ruin your perfect travel plan, thoroughly research the place where you are going to first and try to stay aware of all the rates if you like travelling the indigenous way rather than taking a cab. Not to be all negative, there are also some people who readily go the extra mile without any extra cost to help you reach your destination. Thank God for them and may God bless them.

angel_wings_arm_bandage_eye_68842_1920x1150 (1)
Bonded, even with the wings

So many inhibitions, that I personally have, torn between decisions that are to be made, paths to be chosen and the tiny things gnawing on my conscience that are there to be cleared. Sitting at the airport, with the huge screen in front of me flashing different destinations, I wish to take the plane to nowhere, far away, away from my responsibilities and away from my problems. But with a heavy sigh, I realize, I have to go back, to all my troubles and face them, no matter how big or daunting they seem to be. The daily tiffs that life throws at your face, plans that go awry, aspirations that crumble and dreams that have to be traded for another, we have to walk on dire straits everyday. Yet, we carry on, time waits for none and at the end of day its the moments and the little things that make you happy that count and give you the courage to move through the next day and a renewed vigor to sail through all your troubles. The only thing that I am scared of is that somewhere down the line, maybe after 15-20 years, I hope I am not someone who has forgotten herself and given up on all her dreams to end up as a bitter old lady who snaps at everything that moves.

In spite of everything, I hope because hope is the next best thing to dreams, I hope that I can drop all my excess baggage and only with a backpack upon my back and my camera, go see the world! Oh and By The Way, excess baggage costs extra, so why even bother! πŸ˜‰



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