What A Girl Wants

I am a 23 year old, considered by many, including my long-suffering parents to be a mature grown up person. I am expected to do all grown-up stuff and act as a role model to my little sister, expected to start living on my own and choose a life partner (all really tough things that i still think am incapable of). But i still feel or pretend to be a young girl and whenever I land in trouble, I still expect my parents to bail me out of it.


So here is a really HUGE list of all the things that I want and hope (as I say hope is the next best thing to dreams) from the hadal (a new addition to my vocabulary 😉 ) depths of my heart that all of them are fulfilled one day, maybe not a full hundred percent but I can compromise with 99.9 percent!

  • Shiny black Ferragamo pumps that tie at the ankles.
  • Dye my hair bright red, just to see how I look.
  • A midnight blue Armani evening gown with a trail that spans an entire hall, plus a studded tiara.
  • Get inked where no one can see it. 😛
  • Feel my heart skip a beat, a quiver in my throat, violins in the air and all things going bright, over and over again till I am fifty! 😉
  • Harry potter and Hogwarts and Dumbledore and Gandalf and even unicorns exist in reality, though in that dystopian world there would be a TOTALLY different “I WANT” list,  but for the time being, I wish they were real.
  • Yummy foods like pizzas, fries and cola become zero fat and zero cholesterol so that I can gorge on them whenever I feel like it. And all things sweet that do not spoil your teeth!
  • Learn to dance salsa and do the hula!
  • 50% SALE tag at everything I want to buy.
  • An apple orchard bang in my backyard, because I love apples. 🙂
  • Go see the world without a single care, with only a toothbrush and camera. 😛
  • Get a job where I can use my head, and people appreciate my capability instead of back-stabbing ladder-climbers and obsequious flatterers.
  • No queues. Even short ones.
  • Playgrounds where little children do not skin their knees when they fall.
  • spotless walls, where no one will spit or pee on it.
  • A country where the girl child is not killed and where the birth of a girl is a cause for equal celebration as the birth of a boy.
  • A country where a dirty, bedraggled 8 year old doesn’t have sit by the roadside and scrub grubby utensils while staring at the spotless uniformed 8 year old children passing by laughing and skipping their way to school.
  • No one goes to sleep at night with an empty stomach or has to forgo a roof above their head.
  • Weapons of mass destruction become a thing heard of only in history books.
  • Renewable resources can be harnessed, so that everything becomes Eco-friendly. Less smoke, healthy living and no chance of wars for oil.
  • Boundary demarcations cease to matter and no terrorism or insurgency.
  • A world where kindness is innate and not a duty, compulsion or a habit.
  • A country, where a lone girl can walk back to her home at two in the morning, wearing whatever she feels like.

I am a simple girl with very meager needs.


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