Revelry in Dehradun

What do you do if you are closeted in one place with 15 other kids/adult-kids ranging from the age group of thirteen to twenty-three, in the middle of a jungle, with no cell-phone network, no parent interference and no proper civilized society for miles around? It’s simple. You have the time of your life, think up and carry-out every prank possible and do absolutely whatever you feel like! πŸ™‚

The jungle beyond the barrier.

The event was basically the twenty-fifth anniversary of a very old and close friend of my dad’s. The invitation was to almost 20 families from Dad’s old school friends, and twelve families had agreed , plus with additional relatives and family friends the total number of people was around 120, staying at one place together, sharing and having the time of their lives. And when there are so many people gathered around you, one tends to forget the real purpose, like I did, and turn the party into a three day long picnic. Three nights that included no sleeping (not even a single wink!), a trek, splashing in a pool and in the ice-cold waters of a stream in the dense forest where panthers roam about like cats in cities, partying till one in the morning, playing dumb-charades till four in the morning and then promptly deciding on an early morning walk after that and chatting nine to the dozen with every person present there.

The mesh barrier, separating civilization from the wild

The guest house was surrounded by dense forest on all sides with very few signs of civilization around (the foremost being no network in my cellphone! :P). We kids or ‘bachha party’ as the uncles and aunties used to like calling us by were given the entire top floor so that there would not be any interference from our parents and we could fulfill all our childhood dreams in three nights. πŸ˜‰

A Bulbul bird on a tree
The camp cabins amid the dense forest. In nature’s lap, truly and completely.

We all had to spend one night in cabins in the middle of the jungle with no streetlights and no comforting city sounds of a car drumming by or the truck horns and all the night jungle sounds of crickets and rustling leaves magnified in the quiet atmosphere were enough to creep me out of my skin. But the next morning was truly amazing, I woke up at the crack of dawn and the outside view was amazing. The far away mountains covered with mist and everything outside was so dewy and beautiful, that I forgot the fear that I had in my mind the last night.

Shading from the rain
A bend in the road
A poor man’s life savings
A stark prickly cactus midst the dense shrubbery
A bridge to nowhere

A half an hour trek down the mountain led us to a very picturesque narrow stream gushing and threading its way between the dense thickets. Unable to control ourselves, all of us promptly without any further ado, jumped into it and had a great time splashing about and sticking our heads inside the rapids.

A small stream, with fresh water that chilled to the bones
A lone stone hut in the woods


Despite the fact that I am covered with numerous insect bites from head to toe and scratching all the while typing this post πŸ˜‰ , it was an amazing trip where I had loads of fun, met so many great people and got to feel nature, all at the same time. There were so many great memories that if I ever feel down or upset, remembering even a few of those moments never fails to bring a smile back to my face and very soon I am grinning ear to ear, all misery forgotten.



  1. I heard Dehradun and I came running. I belong to that valley Thanks for this post. Those pictures refreshed every cell of my body that sits in Delhi and cries ‘I love Doon’ πŸ™‚

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