Every Human an Artist…..

Am uber-happy right now. I can hardly go to sleep. After days of pestering my little sister, she finally designed a logo for my photography. By the way, she is an AMAZING artist.

So here is the logo, and the reason for my ebullience.

my photography

And I just cannot have enough of this sublime piece of art. 🙂

I give my topic as “Every human an artist” because for a fact, I really want to believe in it. Art and beautiful expression have always been an important part of my life, being surrounded by two of the most amazing and beautiful people I have ever come across in twenty-three years of my life – my mother and my sister.

My mom is a beautiful lady, elegant and forever smiling. Her expression is dance. When she waves her arms with virtuosic fluidity and takes a stance while dancing, time seems to stop and not just me, each and every person present seem to forget themselves and loose themselves in her rendition.

2013-07-10 22 2013-07-10 22.44

She has always inspired us to express with our hearts and taught us to believe in what we feel and that beautiful things happen all around us, we just have to reach out and grab them. 🙂

On the other side, my pretty little sister is an amazing artist. She can draw, paint and sketch so beautifully that you can only watch her and wonder how she does it without any formal learning.

052 475188_3285171482763_781215892_o 556383_3211319156501_459519622_n 423893_3087526501762_273692197_n

So you can see, being an inaesthete in the family was not an option. So I decided to take up photography since I could neither sketch, dance or sing. 😉 And so what if I couldn’t create, I can definitely CAPTURE! 😉



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