The little things that make a house…my HOME!

A nomad. That is what I have been for years, having lived in eleven cities/towns in the twenty-three years of my life and having changed schools eight times in fourteen years. My mother always believed in keeping the family together, to always have a father figure above her two little imps :P. And so, every two years we had to pack up and lug around with all our belongings to wherever papa went, whether it was in the snake-infested jungles of dimapur (Nagaland), the fast moving city of Delhi or the snow covered peaks of Rampur (Srinagar). I had to live with frogs in the bath-tub, snakes hanging from the windows, humongous rats performing acrobatics on the electric wiring’s and monitor lizardsstock-photo-cool-lizard-75161263 sunning themselves in my backyard!!!

Anyone would be miffed. Not me. I loved every moment of the packing, the moving to a new place, the travelling, the exploring around and even the new people. Every time, sometime around march, when dad would come back from office and announce that he had a new posting, I would get super excited. I even used to enjoy telling my friends that I was moving away and would enjoy every bit of the gift-exchanging, promises to keep in touch and the teary goodbye moments. I am still in touch with them though, thanks to Facebook ;).

This could be the reason why I was never attached to a particular place. I used to see and hear so many people being attached to a place or the city in which they are living, or their old college. I never got those feelings. Don’t get me wrong, I love my city Kolkata too. But if I have to stay here for too long, I might get restless and be on the constant lookout for an opportunity to move out. I don’t miss a place ever, its the people, the connections I forge and the friends I make that I really miss.

The place does not matter. Its the little things, that can make any random frog, snake or rat infested place my home. Its the love that I get from my family and friends. The way my mother turns a shabby place into a beautiful home of warmth and happiness is something that awes to me to this date. Its my mom, dad and sister who can turn any place in the world into my home.

Books are something that have to be with me wherever I go, even if it means an extra trunk!
The sleeping Buddha, in front of the TV. It still sleeps wherever we go!
Laughing Buddhas are supposed to bring good luck, only if they have been gifted!
“To me in my childhood, elves and fairies of all sorts were very real things, and my dolls were as real children as I was myself a child.”
“Turn your face to the sun and the shadows follow behind you.”


The drawings on the wall which where random scribbles at some time in the past, have now given away to amazing pieces from my little sister. I really don’t know when she became so big and all grown up.


My mother’s niche of peace
DSC_0031 (2)
Friends through sunshine and through shade.
Bangles in all colors that hang in my mind


Through the looking glass- my topsy-turvy world!
And finally…. My World!

             I BELIEVE home is where the heart is.



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