Ushering in the new…..

The year is dwindling to an end, just three more days to go. 2013, has probably been the most eventful year of my life till now. Never before had I been faced with so many dilemmas, bouts of indecision, periods of utter gloom and listlessness, moments of pure unadulterated sparkling joy and most importantly, thrust upon the enormity of the decisions that one has to take, decisions that have consequences and leave you stranded in the middle of a lonely road on the winding dusty lanes of Leh. The sheer mountains around you, where everything is dusty and barren, not a single human, animal or tree for miles around you, the harsh sun beating down on you, a cold wind blowing around you, piercing your skin like needles and threatening to blow your jacket away, your skin feels itchy and chafed, your throat is parched, and you do not even have the strength to plod on and no way of knowing which way leads you to water and a warm place to rest your head.

Even India has a lot to look forward to, with Arvind Kejriwal becoming the new CM of New Delhi, the whole country is  expecting the dawn of a new era in politics, end of corruption, new reforms and etc etc. All of us can bring about changes in our life, work harder, be honest, save electricity and water and think about a greener world. Small changes in our day to day life can turn into an avalanche that could cause a staggering change, something for the better. Like the chaos theory states, the fluttering of the wings of a butterfly in Brazil can lead to a tornado in Texas, just goes on to show how something remotely small and insignificant can lead to something momentous. Changes aren’t always for the good, but it all depends on how we see it. A change, good or bad,  is always welcome, something other than the banal life routine to deal with, overcome or embrace, solve it or live with it, but never ignored.

This new year in 2014, i hope the Indian rupee slump goes up to twenty against the dollar, I hope Mr Kejriwal achieves the impossible and brings India to a rank of 10 on the corruption index, India qualifies for the football world cup, even though the qualifiers are done and over with, rape cases go null and void from 1/1/14 and we get to see another doomsday prediction in 2014 and I am also keeping my fingers crossed for an alien invasion.

A new year, a fresh start, and I wish to begin my new year without the baggage of last year, think of new things to do this year, say yes to things that I have kept saying no to,  prioritize my life my way, stop listening to other people and take decisions on my own and I pray that I have the strength to own up to those when they go wrong. I would love to see twenty new places this year, read fifty odd books, learn a new language, take up a new hobby and get all of that done by 31/12/2014.

I wish everybody a very happy new year 2014 and pray that all your wishes come true and you have a very prosperous and  a beautiful year ahead.




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