Tottering on High Heels……


We all arrive at a new place with stars in our eyes and dreams in our hearts. You are 23 and have moved to a new city which is miles away from your home and living on your own; its a feeling that can’t be described, something like watching the glorious bright red sun sinking into the sea or feeling the stickiness of the melting ice-cream running down your arms and you are stuck between finishing the ice-cream or wiping your hands or when you put the last bite of a yummy chocolate dessert into your mouth, a feeling of elation mixed with a twinge of uneasiness. New people, new environment and new issues. Naturally, not everything goes according to plan. You screw up too, and very horribly sometimes or feel waves of homesickness wash over you and nothing around seems to be warm enough like Mom’s hug, Dad’s gentle admonishing or the little urchin’s teasing.

So, when everything around you seems to be going wrong, the people are not who they appear to be and things only seem to be going downhill, Girl, chuck all these stupidities, its time for a journey on self-pampering and heart-searching with yourself and no one else. And I mean, NO ONE.

1. Hit the nearest spa, and pamper your skin; scrub, pull, massage and splurge till your skin glows like the the Avatar Glow-beings so that you can light up the whole room when the electricity goes off.

2. Create a new playlist, delete all the sob or soft songs, download all the peppy numbers, plug in your headphones deeply, turn up the volume and drown out all the worldly noises and take a long long walk into the wilderness. Don’t be scared about anyone disturbing you, just punch anyone who comes near you, helps in emotional catharsis.

3. Take your camera, put on your favorite shorts and walk out into the sun on your own, photograph anything and everything, a little girl holding an ice-cream, street urchins taking a bath at the road side or the sun setting behind a building. Buy them chocolates and leave a string of smiles behind you wherever you go.

4. Grab your ATM card and some cash, go to the nearest flea market and empty your wallet on gaudy, showy trinkets, heart shaped hairbands or a bejeweled handbag or glittering sandals or t-shirts with insulting messages, just buy them, buy stuff that you probably wouldn’t even look at after a day or two.

5. Put on your favorite heels and walk (read totter) on a Kachha road(a dirt track) to the nearest dhaba and sip tea making loud slurping noises and walk back bare feet.

6. Grab a steaming cup of coffee and a new book, sit under a tree in the sun or just stay indoors under your blanket and read it at a stretch. Don’t get up to brush or take a bath or even eat, just keep a bag of munchies handy, just in case.

7. Finish a whole bar of chocolate. In a single go, no breaks. 😛 Comfort foods are a must, potato chips, wafers, chocolates and ice-creams, make them your best friends for a couple of days. You can forget your gym tracks for a few days, keep them at the back of your cupboard and bring them out again after five days.

8. For the sporty girls, grab a basketball and go shooting at the nearest hoop that you can get, or kick a ball or try squash, nothing can be more relaxing that repeatedly hitting back a ball at the wall.

Go out and discover what a lovely surprise it is, to finally discover how unlonely being alone can be. 🙂

PS: Mom, you don’t have to call and ask whether anything is wrong or not. Am absolutely fine 😀 😛 ;).



  1. Great list, I am currently not working so a little low on cash, but once I get I job, I will definitely try and tick off stuff on that list (well number 1 at least :p).

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