Flash Fiction

A story told in as less words as possible, that conveys the entire thing, complete, with a beginning, a plot and the resolution. Its amazing, how much a few words can achieve, a multitude of thoughts and feelings crammed into a few lines. The more the gaps, the  more you think. Read. Ponder. Wonder. Conclude. Four steps to read 50 words or less, but they give you thoughts that could fill up an entire encyclopaedia. They are kind of like pictures, frozen but thought-provoking, cutting off the superfluousness of a novel.

Ernest Hemingway was challenged by his colleagues to come with a story of less than 10 words, and Hemingway’s pure genius came up with:

For sale: baby shoes, never worn.

According to him, a true storyteller tells a story like it is an iceberg. Just 25 percent can be read by the readers, the rest 75 percent should be underneath, the bubbling thoughts submerged from view.

Flash fiction has captured my mind, its all I can think of morning, noon and night. Scribbling and scratching away in my notebook, to come up with a story of my own. Its like the lesser you write, the more you have to put thoughts into it.



She stood in front of the mirror.

She saw bags under her eyes, grey hairs on her temple, blotchy and wrinkled skin.

She cursed the mirror for not lying to her, like her husband did.



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