So little time

A small collection of very very short stories.


So Little Time

He could only see her once in an hour and only for a few minutes. He loved her with all his heart.

But alas, his love was doomed,

coz he knew she loved the seconds’ hand who was always with her most of the time.


Lost Love

Her lips trembled, her hands shook and her knees seemed to be made of fluid.

As her forehead got streaked vermilion, she prayed to God, to get it right,

the third time.

Her dream of having a family.


The Unborn

She could hear about the twittering bluebirds, scarlet flowers and verdant fields and longed to be out .

But the only color she ever saw, was black.


Unrequited Love

She sat at the coffeeshop near the window, overlooking the street.

Suddenly a man fell to his death.

While people rushed towards the desecrated body, she dabbed her mouth and walked away.

She had an appointment to keep; with her lawyer.



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