While it rains

Its the monsoons and the papers are full of them. TV, people, newspapers, magazines, posters, they all have just one theme in common – “Rains”. The meteorological department cares about the cms recorded, the farmers wait with apprehension as the reservoirs fill up,  the doctors talk about how to avoid diseases in the season, the fashion magazines are full of promises for glowing skin and bouncy hair despite the damp outside, the mothers are brooding about muddy shoes and clothes that don’t dry, the kids are praying for school-offs and not getting scolded for splashing in the puddles , girls everywhere are hoping that the mud doesn’t spoil their shoes, businessmen cursing the delaying of flights and the people at my society are wondering whether they can finally feel the joys of an unimpeded water supply.

So much happening around, but for me, rains are a time of self-introspection and inner cleansing. Like the heavy torrential sheets of rain that fall upon the earth and clear the air of all smoke and dust, I like to think of something akin to that happening to me too. Ever stood outside after a heavy rain while the trees and leaves are still very slowly dripping with drops clinging on to them and reflecting the sun peeping out from behind a dark cloud and the birds are shaking off the water; ever felt the cool gush of clean air rushing into the lungs and leaving you with a cold tickle inside? Isn’t that the best feeling. For some people, its the earthy smell of the first drops of rain touching the earth that make them happy, but for me its what comes after that fills my heart with joy.

Water droplets clinging to plants
Water droplets clinging to plants

Am not a big fan of the rains, really. I don’t like going out when its raining, I despise getting soaked, especially the socks and I have to trudge along in them, makes me scream every-time! I hate the cars that pass by and splash you. I hate it when trying to skirt around a muddy puddle, I find bigger puddles. I hate when walking, the dirty water gets kicked up and spoils my trousers. I hate it when the puddle water seeps in through the front of my floaters and I can feel the gritty mud irritating between my toes and no amount of wriggling can get you rid of it. My favorite time is while it rains outside, and you can hear the steady patter of the rain on the window, I get to snuggle under my comforter with a cup of hot steaming tea and watch a movie or read a book. Beats anything else. And with all the free time in hand when you don’t go out, you can sit and ponder on yourself, the things that need to be discarded out and focus on the important things in your life that make you happy.

In the morning, I stand at the balcony and while watching the rain, the skies covered with dark ominous clouds and the colorful umbrellas bobbing around on the streets lighting up the dreary landscape, I think of the things that are lacking in my life and I need to improve on. I watch the people hurry by, carrying on with their daily work, mothers sending their kids to school, workers carrying goods, people going to office and wonder about what to do with my life and ponder upon the decisions that I have made. I terribly miss my family on such occasions. In the afternoon, I sit at the window and while scribbling on the misted panes, dream all sorts of impossible things. Dream big, no harm in that, let your imagination run as far and wide as it can! At night-time, when the day is about to die, and the street lights have been on for a long time, I watch the rain drops fall against the light and the insects buzzing around the bulb, I think about the purpose of the drops that last for a few minutes and yet matter so much. In the few minutes of the journey that they have from the cloud till the ground, they can bring about countless miracles, like making a plant grow, quenching the thirst of a little sparrow and abating  the sweltering summer . Even the insects that buzz around with a lifespan of only a day have a purpose to fulfill. I look at them and wonder, with such a long lifespan and out of the millions of multitude of people, what unique purpose do I have? One traverse of my entire life, and what if I am left with nothing to look back upon when I’m about to hit the puddle.

Like a single drop of rain, I want to make all the difference in the world.

Walk alone on rainy days
Stand out among the crowd




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