Another blot on Humanity

Yet again, man proves, we are worse than animals. 138 little dreams and aspirations of making this world a better place to live in; all snuffed out, like a sudden gust of escaped wind snuffs out all the candles and plunges us into utter darkness. It is darkness that I feel in my heart, a terrible wrenching of helplessness that we could not do anything to stop this massacre. Mindless butchering of innocent children to prove some bigoted point, has no meaning at all. The Peshawar incident has sent shock waves throughout the world, it is a glaring red mark on humanity, a scathing rebuttal to those who think that in this 21st century we are ‘civilized’ and have come a long way from our barbaric ancestors.

In a place of tumult or unrest you are sometimes taught or advised upon how to behave in case of attacks, I was too, when my father was posted in Jammu and almost everyday there were bombings or attacks in parts of the city. But when the tragedy is actually upon us, you really have nothing to do, when you get singled out one by one and get shot in the head. When I had just moved to Jammu, there had been an attack on our neighboring cantt. which was just 10 mins away from where I used to stay, where again, some terrorist group killed innocent women and children. It had been an early winter morning and the men had left for office and the ladies were getting their children ready for school. There were stories of how they were throwing children off the balconies and in one instance where one had followed a little kid into the bathroom and had shot him where he had been hiding. How inhuman are those men who could look into the wide innocent, unguarded, fearful eyes and still have the strength to pull the trigger?

The Taliban claims, they did this because the Army targets their families, do they themselves care about them? Shrouding the people there in a blanket of ignorance, preventing the children the basic right to education and all the atrocities against women that they commit, do THEY really care? This wanton destruction is all that they care about. Not giving the children the right education is destroying them as much as putting a gun to their head and blowing their brains off. Making mindless zombies is all that they want with fear and violence. All these children, all the victims of this war, that had started for some reason to fan the egotistical needs of some people? It would have been laughable if it werent for all the innocent lives it takes, who probably had no say in this fight for who gets what. How scared of education are they; targeting schools and children? Anything that grows out of ignorance should not exist at all, and killing innocents is not justified in any way. Its like why take on trained armed personels and ministers surrounded by hulking professionals, when you can kill little kids?

How strange it is that a normal day at school could turn into a bloodbath, the futility of all the efforts that had gone into making better citizens for the country. I feel, there should be inventions that can gauge incidents like these like we have the seismographs, something or anything to avoid such henious crimes with accuracy. Or atleast something to prepare us, because the aftermath is unbearable. Why are we researching better and faster means of communication? Why do we need faster airplanes, better tele-connectivity? Well of course, to make better means of carrying out terror attacks. The very instruments for making this world a better place, are being used to break it too. A very black time, indeed, for all of us to be living in.


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