Of Sunsets, Bubbles and Rotting pieces

I stood on the bridge and watched the sun go down into the river. The sky is slightly cloudy and the dark pink-purple clouds have golden outlines where the last rays of the sun are hitting it. In the distance the buildings are reflecting the last rays of sun and burning on a glorious fire. And yet as I stand there and watch the glorious sunset,I can’t help but feel a twinge of regret. What is it about sunsets that brings about such unprecedented feelings? I think its the feeling of an inevitable end and the threat of impending darkness.

I have always been scared of the dark, not because of ghosts or things that are paranormal, but for me pitch darkness is like a big living thing with a thousand tendrils shooting out of it into every pore of my body and suffocating me. And so I run away from the darkness outside and within.

Thoughts of fear and regret are the shades of deepest grey, if not totally black, patched and frayed, discolored pieces of cloth that have been thrown out to rot. The bridge slightly shakes underneath my foot and a tingle runs from my fingers resting on the bars through my body. If I were to die today, would I have any regrets?  I wish that in the six-and-twenty years of my life, I had made a difference in somebody’s life, and known that I had made it better in some way. Seen more of the different corners of the world and understood it better. Lain awake all night next to someone who loved me. Cracked the riddle of avoiding darkness.

If Bubbles were to have human emotions, they would have been truly happy little things. Bright, transparent and transient, reflecting different colors, colors that are neither black nor gray. Bubbles cannot make you sad, they only last fleetingly. That is how our lives should be too. Life is uncertain and short, so we collect the little orbs of blessings that we get and keep it burning bright in our hearts. Surround ourselves with family and friends who love us and keep reminding us of how much we mean to them. Do things that make us happy. Give in our everything to make things better when life seems to be going on a rocky path instead of giving in to despair.

Death is eternal darkness, a black hole. You can’t come out of it. So why give in to bouts of darkness before we reach the real deal? What really matters is that while living through the night we do not lose the foresight of a new, beautiful dawn.





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