The Life of Firsts

A blog has been so long overdue, and I suppose I am a little rusty with my writing. But if I am writing about all my life firsts, a new post after a hiatus does count as a first too (or as I would like to think of it).

Well, all firsts are not great experiences, whether its the first steps as a baby, the first bike ride (i rode mine into a huge gutter), the first kiss (so hyped, but equally anti-climactic), the first job, the first lone train ride from college to home (thinking of everyone as potential kidnappers and not meeting anybody’s eye) and so many more. But just because it is an unpleasant feeling to jump into a first, doesn’t mean that we don’t go ahead and do it, the fall might might be big, but so is the feeling of exhilaration once we overcome those initial hiccups. What do I do to deal with it? When I am scared to do something the first time, I don’t think about it much and just jump into it headlong, else I just don’t try at all.

The journey from college to workplace is long enough and add a 4000-mile travel to it and it’s a whole new story altogether. Sometimes when I have loads of free time on my hands, I wish that along with learning the chemical formula of soap and writing page after page on the poem appreciation of ‘the albatross’, we had been taught how to file tax returns, change a gas cylinder without envisioning mission-impossible-esque blasts, appreciate different cultures of the world or manage a mean salary amidst inflation. Because we learn it the hard way and are still learning all that while juggling aspirations, family, money and surviving on the job market, things being more difficult in this digital age.

I started working fresh out of university in 2013 and it has been a roller coaster ride since, from the first salary to empty bank accounts and then learning about saving, lots of new friends to people moving away on their own paths, randomness to orderliness. My project basically supports markets in Africa and it was a great experience getting to speak to people from Kenya, Tanzania, Egypt, Germany, places that had only been map pointing places in geography to places with real people, people with thoughts similar to ours despite being miles away. College bunks gave way to extra hours in the office in resolving issues, copying off assignments to making solo reports on Root Causes.

I have come a long way from the firsts mentioned above, doesn’t feel so hard anymore (except taxes, they are still hard) and there are so many more to come, I pray that I have the strength to meet those.

So, when was the last time you did something for the first time?


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