Of Sunsets, Bubbles and Rotting pieces


I stood on the bridge and watched the sun go down into the river. The sky is slightly cloudy and the dark pink-purple clouds have golden outlines where the last rays of the sun are hitting it. In the distance the buildings are reflecting the last rays of sun and burning on a glorious fire. … Continue reading Of Sunsets, Bubbles and Rotting pieces

Legend of the Sleepy Village


Up in the lower Himalayas, just at the border of West Bengal and Sikkim, at an altitude of a little more than 4000 feet, lies a small sleepy town. Nestled among the snow-capped peaks of the eastern Himalayas, it hardly wakes up to the fact that it is the 21st century already and there are … Continue reading Legend of the Sleepy Village

What NOT to do this Valentine’s Day

It is the week of the year when every gift shop in the city is brimming with red hearts, artificial roses and glassy eyed teddy bears holding up cheesy messages on fluffy pink hearts, a rose costs an outrageous 50 rupees apiece and anything that is red in color has a new,higher price tag on … Continue reading What NOT to do this Valentine’s Day

The Imitation Game

Well, no, this not a review of the movie, nor is it a discussion on how accurate the movie was (which is very little by the way, the movie is almost a Bollywood masala story as compared to the actual events, however much one argues that sometimes facts are stranger than fiction!). My musings are … Continue reading The Imitation Game

Another blot on Humanity

Yet again, man proves, we are worse than animals. 138 little dreams and aspirations of making this world a better place to live in; all snuffed out, like a sudden gust of escaped wind snuffs out all the candles and plunges us into utter darkness. It is darkness that I feel in my heart, a … Continue reading Another blot on Humanity

On why I am scared of the winter ahead

It's the end of November but it’s still hot here in Pune. The afternoon sun is still as sweltering as it was in the summers and you can hardly go out without the heat pricking you like a thorny cactus bush. I don’t know whether to blame it on global warming or on Pune’s weather … Continue reading On why I am scared of the winter ahead

I am a Woman.

There are days in my life when I am totally listless. Days when I have no inspiration at all, the only things that I wish to do are eat ice-creams and chocolates in my bed all day, not clean-up and crib about my life. I read a page of a book and immediately throw it … Continue reading I am a Woman.